This is a reference list; we wish to include here URLs of classic poetry.

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  1. University of Virginia's British Poetry Archive
  2. University of Toronto's resources for representative poetry
  3. The CMU poetry archive
  4. Literary Kicks Kerouac, Ginsberg, and the Beats
  5. Shakespeare Homepage
  6. Bartleby Project A vast resource of classics
  7. Electronic Poetry Center - Other Poetry Sites A resource to many
  8. TIPP: Poetry Links
  9. The Irish Poetry Page
  10. William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)
  11. Selected Poetry by George Gordon Lord Byron
  12. Robert Frost The Complete Works to 1920
  13. Edinburgers - Robert Louis Stevenson
  14. The Emily Dickinson International Society
  15. Elizabeth Barrett Browning Home Page
  16. Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  17. William Blake Poet and Engraver
  18. Robert Graves Society
  19. Christina Rossetti
  20. Czeslaw Milosz's Poetry
  21. Haiku Server
  22. Eclectic bibliography.
  23. Turkish Poetry Home Page Check this out.
  24. Index of /pub/Net_info/Guidebooks/Cyberpoets_Guide/
  25. Index of /pub/Net_info/Guidebooks/Cyberpoets_Guide/Updates/
  26. Active Publication's LIVING WORDS from Australias
  27. Atlantic Monthly's Poetry Pages
  28. Lesbian Poetry-From Sappho to today
  29. Mike Elichi Hishikawa's excellent treatment of 20th-century poetry
  30. The Spoon Page
  31. Lithuanian Poetry in English
  32. Austin, Texas Poets.
  33. Poetry International presented by The Department of English and Comparative Literature and the San Diego University Press
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