Poets of Wisconsin

"...poetry as one of the important forces
making for a higher civilization."

Listening to the native voices of Wisconsin

Jessica Powers
"...and a great rock maintained a wise old silence
lifting its strength into the starlight sky."

Sue Silvermarie
"Birdsong all about and it's thanks I sigh
for each flying cousin, as their current
of June jubilation flows over me..."

Annell Hagen, 13
"Like the fairytales so often read from a book to a child, like the
stories told around a fire, so there will always be happy endings."

Kate Moraine
"The flowers are blooming today,
come sit for a while with me"

Nadine St.Louis
"So here we've come to one of those places
your grandmother would never let me see-- "

Annette Grunseth
..."your tanned frame drops into bed
on clean sheets dried smooth with summer."

Ron Ellis
..."with each breath clear away
each contrivance of the self
though we slip often into thought."

Marjmarie Zuiker
..."No song emanates
from frosted hearts and throats"

Matt Welter
..."The black ashen hills sponged with young green rivulets"

Cathryn Cofell
..."I cower in a corner of the bathroom
with the rest of the spiders"

Larry Buzecky
..."do what doom dislikes
rename his bliss of bitterness"

Peggy Shimkus
..."What is the common denominator of Man?"

Mardi Fries
..."Sun hours drain the August day beige around a small town parish."

Sue DeKelver
..."A disease more ancient than syphilis
born from a similar urge."

Barbara Larsen
.."Outside the woods/stretches up to touch
a crescent moon rising"

Mary Ellen Schmidt
..."Alive and hopping
Like popcorn on tartan turf."

Elaine Cavanaugh
..."Rural counties
in centuries of old wood, ignore me."

Jackie Langetieg
..."I think she remembers raspberries."

Marianna Wright
..."I find hope still lies in a whisper."

Sprague Vonier
..."We'll read the hexagrams and seek the changes."

Mike Belongie
..."Welcome widening horizons
and tree-topped perch."

Mara Ptacek
..."deny the old country still in their taste buds."

Sandra Lindow
..."Tiny tintinnabular bones of the inner ear"

John Faragher
..."Think where man's glory most begins and ends,
and say my glory was I had such friends."

Gerald Bosacker
"Don't weep for me,
my grieving friends for I have lived,
and now am free to go back home..."

Ken Blessing
..."Dusk finds gatherings in the cafes,
A monarch's banquet of vin and pain."

Jon Koschoreck
"I'm losing me within your eyes,
but finally finding myself in you."

Izabel Elliott
"...Any hope, any tale or any wishes
Or any pretty bright blue fishes...."

Karla Huston
"...Sleeping dogs twitch, paddle upstream--
duel bangos, tubas, look for deliverance."

Jan Lattimer
"...I search the landscape of my mind
for the best locations...."

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Publisher's note: The focus on Wisconsin poets is connected with a nearly forgotten fact of networked computers. Before the Web there were bulletin boards that were accessed by dial-up telephone lines. If you lived a distance from the bulletin board you wished to use, it was necessary to make long distance calls. For that reason it made some sense to focus on writers and readers that were somewhat local. Trying to build a readership in or for a distant locale would have been expensive for all concerned. With the development of the Web trunklines (and the happy failure of the Bell companies to impose per minute charges for local calls) bulletin boards as they were died if not wired to the Internet.

We appreciate our Wisconsin poets because they speak about our environment. The founder and publisher of Spondee.net were nourished by the rich soil and the great outdoors of Wisconsin. The voices we present here resonate in our souls. May they endure.