Marjmarie Zuiker released the muse of poetry within her when her vision was failing. At the age of eighteen in 1937 she became a School Sister of St. Francis. During the years following, she was a teacher on all levels of learning specializing with teens and then senior citizens at La Farge Lifelong Learning Institute. Very versatile, she taught in numerous fields but especially English literature and art. She earned an M.A. and M.F.A, in art from the University of Notre Dame. Two years were spent in a House of Prayer and ten years as Pastoral Minister. Retirement gave her leisure to create in enameling, ceramics and paintings. After successful visual surgery she continues sharing by teaching varied art history courses at LLLI in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she resides at St. Joseph Center . Her creative life now continues as she has completed over four hundred poems and is resuming painting. -- 414-394-4105


Like a vagabond,
a transient wanderer
behind gray-shrouded skies,
your lacking presence belies
the fact that all await you,
anticipate your coming
postponed too long.

No song emanates
from frosted hearts and throats.
Janus has cast a pall of gloom
over spirits and working room.

Like the Prodigal's Father
pleadingly we say,
"Sun, we need you.
Come home today."

Copyright 1998 by Marjmarie Zuiker

Blind Faith

If love is blind, as poets say,
then I must be in love today,
for the golden monstrance fully hides
You from my view. With misty eyes
I gate upon the wafer small
and do not see its form at all,
but know that tendrils have been coiled
around my senses in purple hues.

Some silken threads of energy
go swishing round and inundate
reality. Over my eyes
like velvet brushed, deep silence slinks,
my senses suddenly become
extinct. My tongue, inspirited,
does quiver. Heart' to top of head
then jumps. Kaleidescopic scenes
appear upon my blurred screen,
and now I know I know--it's You!

Beloved Host, I know you most
as One bestowing lavish gifts
on all you love. I close my eyes
to see an Eye looking at me
so deep, compassionately. Then,
with inner vision, You, I see!
For just one moment--Unity!

Copyright 1998 by Marjmarie Zuiker


Vespers time was ushered in
with a cacophony of sounds.
The choir consisted of
warbling canaries, cawing black crows,
mono-toned mourning doves.

Like flighty acolytes,
brown thrushes fluttered about.

A blue jay knocked
over a bowl of clear water,
making a clattering sound.
This seemed the cue
for the cardinals to appear,
strutting their stuff in
carmined pomp and circumstances.

Rustling and cheeping the
common sparrows filled the
back pews on the stairwell.

From the pulpit
the sun descended
Vespers was ended.

Copyright 1998 by Marjmarie Zuiker

Second-Hand Roses

I started my quest
in a second-hand store
to learn about the Word
whom they said
desired to be my guest.

But all their words,
cast-off acquirements,
lay dormant
as I kept handling
this and that
discarded thing,
longing and seeking
a precious pearl or ring
to call my own.

And then, one day,
all alone,
I found it, felt it,
touched it, smelled
its fragrance, saw
a radiance sur-
rounding and knew
that I knew the Lord
of all these cast-off things.

And it was new,
second-hand no more.

Copyright by Marjmarie Zuiker

Journey Jottings

Into the austere
clear and searing
silence of the cosmos,
I reach with yearning heart
to enwrap
entrap the source
of my life and light

In vain I touch
only the enveloping
darkness of night

In that ebonic waiting place,
futilely, I try to trace
features of your heavenly face.

No Bingo shouts flush out
your unseen presence.
But then, when patience wanes,
mutely, with expectance, I await
blessings of your intimate love.

      A new journey begins:
I slowly center
            in--- in - - - in
and there you are
            within me

Copyright 1998 by Marjmarie Zuiker

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