Anthony White. Here's my short Bio. not much to say I'm afraid I am a 31 year old dad of three from a typical working class English background (and pretty proud of it too).I live in Staffordshire in England, but my heart lives on a very inspiring small Greek island called Kalymnos where we holiday as much as possible.

A flower

A flower plucked from meadow green
Never to sway in breeze serene
Taken away by selfish hand
As emptiness rained down like sand
But emptiness never filled a hole
Or even bridged a troubled soul
Just prised it open to chasm deep
As trample down beneath your feet
You stole the fruit from natures gaze
And left behind in morning haze
A memory of a sweeter day
When the flower danced neath warming ray
And glistened in the morning dew
But now no more all thanks to you

Copyright 2000 by Anthony White

The Wait

I watch and wait with eager eyes
for fulfilled promise neath bright blue skies
And naively expectant I sit for I
Am optimistic until I die

The vessel empty no spark within
A cold exterior of bluened skin
But carry forth my thoughts will I
To fulfilled promise in bright blue skies

Copyright 2000 by Anthony White