My name is Robin Ward and I am twenty years old. I've been interested in poetry since first grade and have been writing it since I was fifteen. Poetry, simply put, is running through my veins. I enjoy writing some romantic poetry, some dark, and some purely whimsical. The poem I've put here is my personal favorite. It's a dark one describing a make believe castle built from all the pains and sorrows of a tortured life. I hope you like it and consider it for publication. And even if you don't please do tell me what you think. I enjoy all criticism about my poetry, it helps me to get better. Thank you for your time.

My castle

Inside these cold walls
I've gone ever so mad
The pictures around me
Of joy I once had

What started so small
Just a brick here or there
Grew into a wall
So I wouldn't have to care

But blinded was I
From the reality of the world
So I put in a window
And the whole thing did swirl

I created a room
With a chair for me to sit
With walls all around me
And decor to fit

I then made a door
Which led to a hall
Other rooms began appearing
No more just a wall

Around me grew patterns
And pictures of life
Warped passage ways of sorrow
And rooms born of strife

My headaches grew chambers
Where I locked myself away
It grew more into a castle
With each passing day

I put in a tower
To hide all my guilt
I ran out of room
Nine more I then built

I tunneled out a dungeon
To lock up my rage
And now it still sits there
Waiting for release from it's cage

A garden arose
From memories of youth
Twisted foliage around me
Warped images of youth

The first room is still here
It holds my great throne
Where I sit and I think
Where I quietly moan

As my Madness does spread
And channels out a moat
To keep everyone away
To make them lose hope

A drawbridge is formed
Forever locked shall it stay
No one shall ever enter here
I'll push them all away

I created this tomb
Which is where I shall lie
Closed off from the world
Where I shall suffer and die

Copyright Feb. 2, 2000 by Robin Ward