Dan Ward: I am Dan Ward. I also use the pen name Penyair. Either will work. I am 16 and I write poetry as a means of escape, venting and communicating. Here are two poems I'd like to submit:

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Thank God
No one around
How beautiful the darkness
    The ugliness
        My own
I am loved
    Yet unlovable
Praise God
I was all by my self
    No one was looking
        And I cry

Copyright 2000 by Dan Ward


Black is the thought no one wants
That is trapped and can't get out
When you're ninety percent sure
It's that ten percent of doubt
No soul ever wants black
Yet it is not soon leaving
It is the dark cause
Of that long sigh your heaving
Black is the unknown evil
That makes no sound
In the back corner of our minds
Is where black can be found

Copyright 2000 by Dan Ward