Hi, my name is Shana W. and I am 13 years old. I live in California and writing poems has always been one of the things in my life, that helped me when I was sad. And when I express my feelings through poems, I can go on with my life. I have been struggling to find God's will in my life, and writing poems, help me do just that. May God shine on all of you and bless you. And keep writing.

Is This All

Heartaches and suffering,
is all I see,
how can it be,
that no one sees,
the true me.
It's like,
I am hidden from view,
with no one who knows,
what am I to be.
Oh how can I,
live in such hard,
times when no one,
even knows,
what is happening,
to my inner soul.
I didn't know,
I loved them.
I do know,
make me feel,
in despair.
Oh who cares,
it seems,
no one,
but me,
who can understand,
why I am disappointed,
and just plain mad.
Is this all,
I am to be?

Copyright 2000 by Shana W.