My name is Desiree. But my pen name is Venus. With the music of Bach and Beethoven chiming in the background, my days are spent with a paint brush in my left hand and a pen in the other. I am quiet yet destructive. I grew up with the writings of Shakespeare and Poe. My thoughts and feelings are fully expressed only through my poetry and paintings. Yet I share them with no one.


I sit alone in myself.
Trying to understand the meaning.
Realizing this time is muddled.
I unveil my eyes to the truth.
I am one to myself.
No one will descry my words.
No one will hear my soul's proclaimed desires.
I am one to myself.
Binding my heart.
Binding my soul.
You will not behold me.
You will not hear me.
I am one to myself.

Copyright 2000 by Venus