My name is Yolanda V. Tirado but am known to my friends as Yoli. I am not a dedicated writer by any means, but I do write what I feel when I feel it. The last piece I wrote had to do with my mom's death in 1997. I am still grieving, even though I am 28, and dealing with my loss and this was one of my last emotions on paper.

Waiting for Morrow

It appears as thou tomorrow is never to come,
yet what seems to be
tomorrow is not, and has become today.

Yet tomorrow will never be,
as when morrow passes,
it will relume as today with the looming of then and now.

Why does tomorrow seem like a long time coming
...And does not fasten its route?
Could it be the lingering weight of the now that hinders its path?

Meanwhile we wait the coming day with hopes
for that peace that awaits in the pass of many morrows
and ponder in awe, how we're making it through this day.

But only when the morrows pass and
the now has become then,
will we welcome tomorrow as a radiant today.

Copyright 2000 by Yolanda V. Tirado