Karen A Sperry: Born in southern California, raised in New Jersey and now a resident on the sunny west coast of Florida. I have been writing for many years and I have many of my works published. I am the mother of 3 children and the proud grandparent of 3 three grandchildren . I work as a Unit Coordinator in a local hospital. My poetry subjects and style vary although most are from personal experience.


A jagged shoreline littered with
shattered remnants of seashells
The relentless pounding of the surf
erasing footprints in the sand
of playmates now forgotten
Constant cries of nomad seagulls
searching for bits of nourishment
in a struggle to survive
An old fisherman focused intensely
on a large grouper which eludes him
as he baits the hook in vain attempts
Mirrored water reflecting the crimson
color of the setting sun
as it disappears on the distant horizon
The rhythm of a clanging buoy warning
of changing tides in shallow water
A salty breeze nudging my hair out of
place and tugging at my memories
As the darkness of night envelopes me
I feel an old sense of longing
and realize once again, I am alone.

Copyright 2000 by Karen A Sperry