Naresh Sonee; Birth : 11 Feb 1958; Final Year College drop out. Presently living : Mumbai-India; Occupationally in creative gift article, fashion jewelry, manufacturing business since 1977. Moreover -Freelance Articles, Essays, Poetry Writer, Specially on Global Subjects of Human Logics, Philosophy. Already published one book in Hindi ( Indian Hindi language ) on -" GLOBAL UNIVERSAL PEACE" The book entitled as "Brahmand Pujan" . It's a Non-Religious, Non - Mythological holy book which is certainly ethical and absolutely adhere to logics. Authentic self- views of author, which was reviewed & rated as excellent in India's Prominent News Papers.

Many of author poems are on different popular poetry websites of the world. The author global politics & humanitarian articles were reflected internationally in World News, USA Today, Washington Globe and many other country news.

Incidentally the News Articles were reflected as breaking news against "President Bush Double Standard of Politics"

Episode Same : BUSH DREAM - Part : 1

Bush has a dreamy day-mare

Bush runs on the gangway, chasing himself in a running train ,
In mere doubts and hullucinations , He pulls the chain,
Pulling the chain do not stop the train , So Bush jumps out of the train,

Moral from Bush Dream
Nursery Children should learn lesson from Bush dream :
( Do not attempt to fire or bombard in suspicion and fear or jump first in haste . Have patience )


Episode same : BUSH DREAM - Part : 2

Bush again has the same but different night-mare

Bush was sitting on a trunk of a big banyan tree ,
A Buddhist monk passing by suggested without fee,
" Sit on other side of the branch you shall fall "
Refused to hear the monk, after some time he heard a thunder call,
Bush lately realized he had a humpty dumpty fall,
Woke from conscious , he investigated , the reason all solve, ,
He was sitting on the same growing trunk , opposite the big tree tall,

Moral from Bush Dream
Nursery Children should learn lesson from Bush dream :
(Do not burst fire-crackers , sitting on a factory of fire crackers )
(If your own home is of "Cinderella glass" . Don't ever throw stones on other glass panels ).


Episode same : Bush Dream - Part : 3

Bush again has the same continues hallucinated , day & night-mare

Saddam hatching conspiracy with Osama Laden Bin
To push Bush in a chemical-biological dust bin,
And Bush come to know in his dream ,
Bush need to search Iraq every roof, wall and beam
And searching the dust bin , Bush runs and run,
Till then he warn himself not to fun ,
As he feels more then America people , His life is in stakes,
Until his wife shouts , " Why the bed is wet ?", Bush wakes.

Moral from Bush Dream
Nursery Children should learn lesson from Bush dream :
( Don't doubt and unnecessary get afraid and wet your bed in fear believing on dreamy nightmare.)


Episode Same : BUSH DREAM - Part : 4

Bush again has the same continues hallucinated , day & night-mare

Bush is on the next astronaut mission driving the next new Columbia -2,
Flying from earth to bay to sky to moon, The petrol shorts ,and has reserve few,
Bush ride back to Iraq Petrol Pump to pump in some oil ,
Until in between his thigh was worrying a naughty chronic painful boil ,
Till then Bush opened his tie , shoes and dress,
However exhausted from journey and needed some rest ,
Suddenly Saddam ghost stands front of eye there
Bush runs without his underwear


Moral from Bush Dream
Nursery Children should learn lesson from Bush dream :
( Never have ambitions , while keeping eye your other wife or wealth .
Be satisfied , God has given you enough )

Copyright 2003 by Naresh Sonee

Beware : Bush Push

Part 1
Fortunately for him , Unfortunately for us ?,
Democratically or critically, wins Bush,
Get appointed, opportunity to rule,
Prestigious seat ; Ego or pride makes un-cool ?,
Brought up with pamper , develops some rage ?
Perhaps one turns aggressive ? If one runs out of age ?

Bush of course, becomes lucky to rule,
Ego, envy ,grudge, jealous? Loose his cool
Privileged with weapons , nuclear tool,
Bush eye on Saddam's oil-n-fuel ?,
Brought up in ego, envy, grudge, hatred, jealous?
Or hidden ambitions of fulfilling his father's wish,

Some think for Why ?
Bush is in hurry to fly ,
Worried to throw missile from sky,
On weak poor innocent Iraqi people,
Hurried worried Bush turning red to purple,

To settle old scores ?.
Son Bush goals and vows,
Screams and shout at world,
No matter child, young or old,
Bush gets prepare with oath,
Close his fist, with nuclear, unfold,

Certainly, ruling biggest stable-able country US
Privilege and luck becomes his prestigious fuss ?
With no substantial issue or proof , He arch's ,
Empty brain starts, A Ghost mind works ?
Visions , ambitions to become world land Lord ?
Assuming, assuring next , best option to god ?

Cheered up with such "chair" and gifts,
Himself to elevate his post , he further lifts,
To judge and weigh his powers,
"Me Mightier , Rest world coward"
His strength , he checks " world on peace" ?
He attempt to test globe that rest, Start to tease ,

A monkey with a sword ,
Ruling and setting his own code,

Hidden desires frustration or destructions ?
To divide the hopeless world in racism - fractions ,
Separating weak-n-strong ,
Black-n-white, may who ever belong ?
Under Bush rule ,
All stay cool-n-fool .
Poor-n-Rich , All fix ,
No body should migrate or mix

Bush inaugurate himself to fights,
Steals the show and sight,
News and View
Saddam is in Bush soup , a scoop, to sue
Every where Bush dodge-n-frights,
Bush behave sometime rude sometime light,

Bush feels his American right,
Instigating , challenging Saddam to fight,
Bush , like a big boy in a class room ,
Behaving a pamper child, who need a groom,
Pretendence-n-Pretext ?
Without any concrete proofs-n-facts ?

Wants to fight with no sufficient reason ,
Makes a point, Anyway wants to fight every season ?
Presently people see Saddam quite ,
Even when Bush instigate , torture him to fight ,
Checking Iraq patience, He challenge their self respect ,
Bush is desperate to provoke them to react,

All blames , they stand lame
However, false claim are a shame ,
For a person of presidential caliber,
Who lie in hullacination and fear ?
Even then people of America bear him,
So nice, humble-n-helpless, mass still care him,

In hope that the good pampered boy shall come out ,
And never unnecessary doubts or shouts,
Exposing or exhibiting his newly developed temporary muscles,
Of power that always change with every politician,
The American are working hard to pull out their boy from fictions,
of story teller author Laurie Mylroie who had whispered in Bush ears,
While Bush granny, who is also our dear,
Has left for heavenly abode out of fear,

Make us believe , forcing every one in name of terrorism ,
Few takers of his fiction , Every where ,He invites criticism,
Perhaps , Bush have became Bin Laden , Bin Laden had turned out saint,
It so appear , Bush has taken Bin laden responsibility to paint,
The world right with his nuclear brush spreading blood bright ,
Bush is attempting to do the same thing , right ?

Bush need to attack-n-kill,
So powerful is his will ?
Innocent , calm , week , coward human ,
Infants, children, old, young men and women,
Testing their patience,
Without sensing cautions,
Poor, handicaps, widow or patient
Infect who stand incapable-unfit to react ,
But all are cursing him in fact ,

Starts-n-decide to fool ,
Like a naughty Monkey ?
Like a hotty-oddly Donkey ?
Who never care ,
Who never fear ,
But swear,
For self interest mere,

Who never understand ,
Who never mend or bend,
Shows muscles ? As mentally challenged ?
Proud, grudge, envy had unbalanced ?

Seem sort of dictatorial hidden desire ?
Get hands on remote nuclear to fire,
Fear the world , when ever needs,
Throw donate funds, country needs to feed ,
Hunger , begs and "Salutes" ?
The lender lord commands to wish that suits ,

Fortunate for him by chance ,
Unfortunate for world , Who dance ,
To his tune unwishingly ,
Fearingly ? Unwillingly ?
In perhaps tensions ?
Many country shy to mention ?
Are they afraid of perks-n-sanctions ?
May the big boss get annoyed ?
May the big brother, would avoid ?
To loan or lend , throw some US dollars ?
May the world "Cop" blacken our collar ?

May anytime, the Cop Bush investigate us ?
So let every country listen without fuss ,
He is mightier , much next to any God ?
Absolute powerful , World lend-n-land Lord,

So , true -Monkey gets a sword ?
He command "wise" under his code,

All Scientist or Spiritualist may not question , Die ,
All Philosophers and Poet may not reason why ?,
Every Region or Religion may end and terminate,
All doctrine and doctors, follow his "doings and date",

"I am every thing, Listen me or die",
"Or else greet the world last bye-bye",
"No questions ask , My rules are rule" ,
"You don't fool , before I fool" ,
I have right to keep any weapon ,
and destroy yours every, where they happen ,

Rule of the world ruling BOSS BUSH stand at par -
They are written with absolute commandments, as they are -

Rule No. 1) Boss is always Right , His aims are priority No. 1,
Rule No. 2) If world feel -Boss is wrong, Read rule No.1

So Boss is right , let him fight ,
Let the world on every occasion and sight ,
Clinch and keep their tongues-n-lips tight,
If they see Bush is behaving drunk and tight,

Just keep quite,
Or else Bush shall riot,

Do Bush apes the lost-n-last dictator?,
Is Bush best then them , But came latter ?,
Who fails to analyze lust -crave - ego ,
As many conqueror, who lost-n-died long ago,

Eyeing on Iraq oils ?,
But God forbid , Hunger spoils ,
Sleep of hungry Lords,
One day die , all angry Lords,

So , vested interests are unwise ?
Selfish , liars have to pay the price ?
Spirituality and Science ,
Universe know , why they combine ?
God knows -Columbia crashed why ?
Poor innocent scientist smashed to die ?
How ? Why ? Because ?

President ego may crash ?
Do the proud dim to flash ?
On bullets and bombs , Bush depends ?
If nuclear may fool like Columbia had it ends ,
Who knows ? Do Bush take guarantee ?
Of his nuclear missile ,
Would bush destroy all and selfly live to smile ?

The question still stand
Wonders sun, sky and earth sand,
What is Bush up to ?
What Bush love to ?

Is Bush so big to predict and see ?
Other life like Nostrums ?
Can Scientist fail to win?
Can Politician fails to win ?

Are devotional astronaut -scientist smaller then a smart politicians ?
Are meditating philosopher- poet smaller then shrewd politicians ?
Politician find lands ? False rule to fool sentiments of people ?
Scientist find labs ? True tool to cool logics of people ?

Whereas immature nonsense poet like me,
fingers-n-flirts with rhymes and literature ?
Yes I am a idiot good for nothing creature,
Why I am acting here like a seer or preacher ?

But I insist and still suggest as a parrot ,
Eating chilly and carrot ,
Instead, Let Bush may be creative,
We all would love him , if he let all us live,
Let him uplift America , should be his prior goal,
The ongoing recession?, America gripped and fall,
Le them enhancing American economy,
Making his absolute passion? No recession

Copyright 2003 by Naresh Sonee