Monica E. Smith has written poetry since 1991 and her work has been published in many literary magazines, journals, anthologies in the United States and Canada, i.e., The Roswell Literary Review; Medicinal Purposes; Lucidity; Aura Literary/Arts Review among many others. She has also been published online: The Poetry Exchange; Poetic Voices; Wired Arts from Wired Hearts, et al, and maintains her own website.

Monica has been accepted into the millennium edition of the Poets & Writers Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers, and she is a recent member of The Academy of American Poets. About writing, Ms. Smith says "Poems need not be written in a complicated language only a select few can comprehend. I believe poetry, especially, allows for freedom of expression, and in that, there is freedom in expression." She is presently seeking a publisher for her first book of poetry, Days of Fine Gray Ash, endorsed in writing by Author/Poet Nikki Giovanni.


In the spring
When she was a child
I wanted her
To be a ballerina
So she put on a tutu
And toe shoes
And danced for me

Now it is autumn
And the winds blow colder
She dresses in jeans
And sweatshirts
And a Superman hat
And I want her
Simply to be

Copyright 2000 by Monica E. Smith

Lip Service
(Thoughts upon a New Year's Eve)

After all is said and done
And the last toast is uttered,
After the final resolution
We are no better, no worse
Than before this ceremonious passing of time.
Stubbornly entrenched in old ways,
We cheer on the new
While our hearts remain unchanged,
Our minds unyielding,
Our souls secluded
In prisons of self-complacency.
And together we go our separate ways
With cups raised high in celebration,
Looking toward a new mediocrity.

Copyright 2000 by Monica E. Smith

Growing Pains

You hide your sadness from my eyes
But it does not go unnoticed by my heart
Hidden tears well-up in azure eyes,
  do not spill over            
For the moment, the storm is thwarted
Perhaps when I leave...

I want to stop the pain
To hold you
To tell you it will be all right,
  needing this moment for myself
  as much as I believe you do

But, aching inside,
I leave you to cleansing tears
Pray away your pain
And wish with all my heart
  that growing up was not so hard

Copyright 2000 by Monica E. Smith