Rick Slottow: I have one self-published book and more rejections than acceptances. But I keep writing and sending them off. It is my joy to write and have other read them and maybe learn something from them. I am send you three poems that you may find different then what you may be use to. Heck is that Good?

They Come Like Crows

Visions come in bits or pieces
dreams depart, they fold
they fly like crows they land
squawking at little Tommy's feat

Hailing claws tap at roof tops
taking this praise in stride
I tied my shoes, for the first time
glowing I smile loud like

Rain through open windows
in dreams with bits of visions
December thunder in moist sand
again they come like crows, they land

Like open sores in memory
unfinished concertos
broken moments of time
they come a murder on cello string

Proud and clear vision sings of
grand dreams that lurk in wait
to fly like crows and land
on roof tops once again to squawk

Copyright 1\11\00 by Rick Slottow