Hello. My name is Lyubka Slavova. I'm Bulgarian and live with my husband and son in Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria. I'm a teacher in high school. The poetry is an important part from my life. If you acquire a love for poetry - this love of poetry will last a lifetime. The world, which you create on blank sheet of paper is broad, vivid, exciting... You create it, you put in it your dreams and wishes, share your pain and find solace there. For that reason sometimes it seems that it is almost real... I remember the first time, when I made a little hole in the white sheet of paper and peeped in this world... The sensation was magnificent... Now I want to share this sensation with you...


I will remember this evening -
the noise of the surf, the white sand
and the moon, embracing the coast,
the radiance of the stars, the warm wind
and the far away ringing of a Spanish guitar.

I will remember this evening -
the touching of the waves, the foam in the footprints
and the hoarse cry of the belated sea-mew,
the whisper in the air, the noiseless laughter
and your hands, intertwining with mine.

I will remember this evening -
the loving words, the enigmatic look
and the ardent touching of the lips,
the faith in the eyes, the shared dreams
and the blooming first love.

Copyright 2001 by Lyubka Slavova