Terry-Marie Shipley: I am a middle aged mother of 5 and raising my children was my greatest joy, as well as my greatest accomplishment. Along the way I wrote as often as I could. It was a way to stay sane amidst the little ones and the baby talk. I have always lived in the country. So I have written about life in the country, and I've had several loves, a few too many marriages along the way and one or two tragedies. Now I am happily ensconced as the wife of a mild mannered technical type person and we live in two different homes in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. My passion, other than poetry, is gardening. Flower gardening, that is. If it doesn't bloom, I'm not interested in it, be it plant, tree or shrub. I have had some minor, local success with my poetry, and have given public readings on several occasions. The following was written to the man to whom I am currently married.

Come, Walk With Me

Come, walk with me
Beside a cool stream
Come, share with me
A shining new dream
Come, dance with me
Through the fair summer night
Come, be with me
In the pale moonlight
Come fresh to me
As water running deep and clear
Come, hold me, love
No broken promises to fear
Come, shall we waltz away
Light as clouds in the sky
Come, I dare you to love
As in the dark we lie.

Copyright 2000 by Terry-Marie Shipley