My name is Tom Sender, I'll be 24 on July 12th, I live in Israel therefore English is not my mother tongue but have lived in London for 2.5 years when I was little so I have a good grasp of the language. I served in the Israeli navy for the past 3.5 years and will soon be discharged (military service is mandatory in Israel). Never actually sent anything I write for anyone to read so this is my first publication. Hope to send more in the future.

Sometimes, it is night.

Sometimes, it is night
A short stab on the dark side of a heart
Stars shining bright beyond closed eyelids
Streetlights cast a yellow light upon a gloomy pavement

Sometimes, it is night
A tear rolling down an unshaved cheek
A ceiling stares at a man sleeping alone
A single light in an office building where the work never ends

Sometimes, it is night
Little children sleeping in single beds
A young couple expresses love with rhythmic motions
Street cats singing lullabies to chained dogs

Sometimes, it is night
A pale full moon sails through the sky searching a place to rest
A single car on the road turns on its lights to make sure it is really there
Purple flowers bow their heads awaiting the return of sun

Sometimes, it is night
A man sits in front of a notebook writing so as not to think
A notebook lays open in front of a man and absorbs
"sometimes, it is night" she tells him, and continues "and sometimes it is not"

Copyright 2001 by Tom Sender