Mary Ellen Schmidt has always lived in the coulees of La Crosse’s God’s Country as a child in Green Acres, and for many years as wife, mother, grandmother and friend on Irish Hill. She enjoys writing in the style of the imagist, striving to share the moment of personal experience in her poetry, essays and readings. She serves as secretary of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets. She has had works published in many small publications including the Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar.

These poems have been published in the Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar.

Alive and hopping
Like popcorn on a tartan turf
Noisy hail shower

Copyright © by Mary Ellen Schmidt

Summer Symphony

Thunderous claps and peals
and then
the valley                  violet-blue
with earthen vapor
hosts                    a
                symphony                 of
like gracenotes
in the mist.

Copyright © by Mary Ellen Schmidt


I lie here
listening to
the night whispers
of contented crickets.

Awake, my love.

Copyright © by Mary Ellen Schmidt

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