My name is Lindsay Schenz and I am a 17 year old junior from California. From the moment I was first introduced to poetry I knew that I was in love. I have been writing on my own for about 5 years now. Whether I am angry, confused, or in love, I can always express myself through poetry. I prefer free verse to the classic rhyming style, only because I know there are no limits. A very special person brought about the feelings that these two poems convey. (Thank you, you know who you are) I just hope that you, the reader, enjoy my thoughts and feelings.


Last Rains
  Earth scarred
  Sun flared
  Earth crusted
Dusted Down
  Earth paled
  Wind followed
  Rain Crusted
Wind Felt
  Earth loosened
  Dust carried
  Wind raced
Stinging Air
  Sun reddened
  Wind whimpered
  Earth blanketed

Copyright 2000 by Lindsay Schenz

Friendly Love

I have found someone
He is more then a friend
But less than a lover
I care for him
With a love that is indescribable
He means the world to me
I hope I mean the same to him
We have created something
Something that has never existed
The unknown is our future
Confusion, mixed with happiness is our present
As for our past, it was never complete
Fate has brought us together
And only time can separate us
Our feelings are expressed
But are not fully known
We hope to understand
For now all we have is our friendship
A truly unique bond.

Copyright 2000 by Lindsay Schenz


Mixed up
Locked up
Lost in thought
Fog of confusion
Obstacles blocking
Unconscious lusting
Heart and mind in battle
Where am I going
What am I doing
Why can't I figure it out

Copyright 2000 by Lindsay Schenz