My name is Anosha, though some people call me Annie.I am 12 years old and my hobbies are reading. My favourite subject is science and math and I prefer writing poetry when I have enough time. I started writing, in my primary school, when we had to write a poem about friendship and the best poem received a prize. Having little interest in poetry I entered the contest because my mum said that if can do something I should. And so I did - which encouraged me to take my talent further by writing poetry more often.


I am the servant of thy Lord,
I hold no weapon nor a sword,
I speak the truth as must I do
Lets help the world...for me and you.

Copyright 1999 by Anosha

The Grandfather Clock

Some time ago I knew a tallish man
And I don't know how you and me can
But this tall thin man just used to stand
All day and night He used to stare
He gave no sign that he should care
But although he stared, We got the time
And exactly every hour it chimed,
My Grandfather loved him like a son
He bought him from the fair of fun
I stayed with him for 90 odd years
And he and his son went through many fears
But on the day my Grandfather died
It seemed to me the clock had cried
So much it did that in his sorrow
He never woke up for another tomorrow.

Copyright 2000 by Anosha