My name is Rose and I'm 17. I come from Australia and really hate it when my mum won't let me just live life. Isn't that what its for??

Just Let Me Be

I'm made of Silver, I'm not made of gold
Making up lies of what I've been told
I can't be the first, I can't be the last
I fear of the future, not of the past.

Tell me the lesson, I'll do the learning
I'll start the fire, then do the burning
I'm a good girl, I promise not to bite
But hurry up, because I can already see the light

So get to the point, cause I'm not living long
Give me the lyrics, I don't need the song
I'm packing my bags, you can't beg me to stay
I've made up my mind, and I'm not living this way

I'm already gone, so get off my back
Cause when I've got reasons, I plan to attack
You know that I'm stubborn, so don't mess with me
I'm like a caged lion, ready to be freed.

Copyright 2001 by Rose