Nicholas Rogerson is currently a student in Manchester, England. This is the first time any of his poetry has been published in any form. Considering, he is only seventeen, he has had somewhat of a troubled childhood with the death of his mother in 1989 (of whom is honoured by the poem Angel's Bridge) and the remarriage of his father some years later. He began writing poetry in 1998 and is continuing to this day.

Pearl Drops To An Ice Queen

Break from your spell
My seductive seductress,
You fool no one with
All that restrains thee.

A look at your cast,
Nestling in its forsworn depths
On freezing canopious realms;
A girl of rapacious eyes.

An enchantress to make desire
And fuse a wandering heart.
To pass closer still, deep down:
Deadly. Yet not, so tame.

A vunerable child contradict
Me not. She a seducer,
Yet not of order. She seduces
Without seducing, she tames,

To refrain from taming,
A passion on many a time,
But to see her without her
Zest is not to see her at all.

O! Of much I did try,
Failing presuming me.
A girl so hard to abstain
That a love struck so inadvertantly.

Copyright 1999 by Nicholas Rogerson

Angel's Bridge

To the onset of morning dew,
Envisage your beauty anew.
To middle-day and haste the eve,
Time's cruel hand takes control of thee.

Dapple without dapper to the face
To leave vain on vain at their place.
Your maternal look to remain
God's divinity is ordained.

O! Embark on crueler plight
Break! Break! with all your ruthless might.
To break a dream before ever dreamt,
holy glory your time mis-spent.

Your twisted game with so young hearts,
A maternal love is disparched.
Here, I wait 'til doom does me call
Trust, at heaven's gate, I shalln't stall.

Copyright 1999 by Nicholas Rogerson

Chants Under The Apple Tree

I have been
But not gone.
I have teased
To be unstrayed.

I remain
Yet seldom care.
And perceive fair.

To kiss farewell.
To blind a tear.
To pursue
And render faultless.

One must remain,
To keep the heart sane.
To wander
Yet deflect steady.

I will take them on.
I will deny failure.
I will be bounced down
To jump back up.

I will denounce
And disclaim
Yet possess to
Nor refrain.

Tonight, I kiss farewell
And tender the future.

Copyright 1999 by Nicholas Rogerson

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