Robert Provenz was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He grew up in Sheepshead Bay and now resides in South Williamsburg. He is 27 years old and works in a graphic design office in the Flat Iron District, Manhattan. He hopes to soon get a lot of money somehow so he can drink wine in Europe. He loved the book "The Beach" but hated the movie.

And before I learned to rest

It was the way she showed up.
Crale, dexplosed, a starpit of shadows
Her skirt, soaked
No natural name
I put my hand out, she shivered fear
and love or cold
started to tear
and crowed like a beast.
There was terror or joy to hold

The cat eye boy seemed used to the wait.
But we hid our red tickets and turned
Because this was too special,
They had to go away, and did.
The rain made everything follow, till
it was just
me, and
the only one to help me find my way
to that peaceful place,
between impact and grave.

Copyright 2000 by Robert Provenz


a finger
my love,
the key
i dance above
to make sound.
hard, sharp, a church bells,
sad, to ring no belief.

Moments of subtle
trouble me
your cry
is echoed
from empty chambers

a bottle
to tune
the octave of sweet
iron foot pedals curves to feet
you hold
to stay
one step lower
till the sound chips

I look up
for the ray to come
through to me
down horse-radish throats
to these
penguin skin keys

look up
for the ray
black walls,
white keys

Bury us
with the melody
of my finger on your key
with the song I just lost.

Copyright 2000 by Robert Provenz