Sheri Pizzini: A Brief Bio? Is there such a thing as brief? I am in my mid 20's. My birth given name is Sheri Pizzini. I have been writing the unwritten for many years. Much more than poetry. Some of my writings meet no known categories. The poem I send now I wrote as I pondered reincarnation and who I may have been before a new name was given to an old soul. I know who the woman I write of is. She stepped out of her Earth body on October 4th, 1974. I feel greatly connected to her. I wrote this for Anne and myself.


Did you ever watch the Andy Griffith Show
And wonder how you would look
When you grew from my infancy into an adult?

Were you aware that your insanity would stay
Embedded in the soul
And manifest into my body
while I was a child of twelve?

And did you know that it would progress so severely?
Is this how you wanted to return?
Leave your mark as a mad woman writer once again -
So terribly creative and capable of great works
Concerning writing, life...
And all which dangles in between?
Masked, unmasked
Folded, unfolded.

This woman you have made of me is diseased
And shivers in the dark.
Unique writing skills and an intense ability
To think beyond everything which is beyond,
And even more
Has revived chaos -
Yet again.

Was it in your last plan to return to the world you
knew best?
And personal terrors?
Being a woman once again,
But in a time when you expected this -
To be accepted?

Or is it...
That you could not let go
And after your Disco Death
Took the first train
Through a cocktail'd womb?

Copyright March 28, 2000 by Sheri Pizzini