[We draw a curtain over the true identity of this writer.]

Conscience--- Naaa-- What the Heck

Through my chequered life many wives have I had
But only two of them mine in name, does that make me bad
At the time so many feelings of guilt, pain and dismay
But on reflection only filling a need, so was it all ok?

As for them, their consolation was to blame my' gift of the gab'.
Well I must admit with such a full life, I did feel a 'Jack the Lad'
Sometimes conscience crept in, until it became all too plain to see
Just a 'Knight in Shining Armour' was what they thought of me

As you can see that's twice in this verse, I've felt the need to dump the blame
But have done this so many times in my life, just to keep from going insane
Now no more that young 'Jack The Lad' but still feel young in the mind
So if you read this keep it quiet, will ruin my chances if another 'needy' one I find.

Copyright 2001 by J Patrick