My name is Chris Parker. I am 16 years old. I go to Horizon Academy in St. Francis, Wisconsin. I enjoy writing because it takes away my worries.

A Modern Sonnet

Sometimes at night I wonder why it rains
When I lean against the glass I can't even think
I experience love so deeply I even feel it in my veins
That sometimes I get depressed when I see the color pink

I think about the times when first we met
We swore a pact our love would never die
Now I feel that it's one of my biggest regrets
And the only thing I can do is cry

At night you whispered that our love would last
You promised that you never let go
We're not together cause our time has passed
Your told me that you would always love me so

Most people really don't understand me
Some people think love is just an infatuation
Not me
I don't even know what to think because everything is just an investigation

I don't even know when I feel happy or pain
One of the things I don't understand is the reason for rain.

Copyright 2001 by Chris Parker