My name is Caitlin and I am 16 years old and have always loved writing short stories and poems. My teachers would always tell me that they love my writing style. In all my stories I write as though I am talking to the reader and I think that this method keeps the reader involved. I also enjoy writing sad things; I believe you have control over the reader's emotions this way. anyways, enjoy my poem!! it's not perfect but it works! luv ya! *~!Caitlin!~*

The Pain Of Love

He hits her again,
Yells and screams
Tells her she is no good
And that she's mean
Makes her feel bad,
Blames his problems on her
Watches her cry,
And tells her he's sure
That she's the reason
He has no friends
And is stuck in this hell
That never ends
She is shivering and shaking
Naked and cold
As she packs her bags
And suddenly looks old.

He tells her he'll fix it,
Begs her to stay,
Explains to her
That he had a bad day
He tells her he loves her
And that he cares
She says it's too painful
The love that they share

She tries to leave
She tries to go
But something inside her
Keeps saying no
She doesn't want to live
In a world of pain and fear
But she doesn't know what to do
When she doesn't have him near

Copyright 2000 by Caitlin P