Christopher Mulrooney b. 1956, Athens, Georgia poetry, fiction, translations, & photography in Janus Head, Borderlands, Brooklyn Review, The East Village, Passenger May, Another Sun, Big City Lit, The Burning Bush, Renditions, Little Brown Poetry, etc.


well that's the story

what have we here mountains
in the varying light

these happy combinations

what difference what you write
in the end

it goes its way

circumspect if you will the alentours

be satisfied
with what you see

pop the gun the question is
blow away the doing wiz
what have we forgone forborne
along the West Coast here forlorn?

we have wondered we have might
to careful lessons given bright
we have myrmidons to bless
anything else would be as less

so wonder now as wonder were
the breaking out of galling stir
we have witnesses to make
and some solemn oath to take

Copyright © 2001 by Christopher Mulrooney

skyscape & girl

yet the sky is after all
desert green today and blue
with medullas of orange
and starfish yellow spears

one's bosom is too large for one
today she finds
in a Zurbarán lemon sweater

Copyright © 2001 by Christopher Mulrooney

the devil's advocate

at the disembrocation of the attack
we cried variously
thus and so
it being all in the past tense now

the trouble is it's hard to be concrete
without firsthand knowledge
and then
it all becomes a vaudeville turn

Copyright © 2001 by Christopher Mulrooney