Sandra Moatz. I'm presently a full-time artist, poet, photographer and painter, living in Cypress, Texas.

Could be Worse

I was hoping somebody would call
but they didn't
I was wishing some mail would come
but it didn't
I was praying for cooler weather
but it stayed hot
I was longing for ice cream
but I'm allergic
I was feeling a little down on luck
and I was

Until I realized
That I could have been framed
and put in jail
That my house could have been flooded
and my belongings ruined
That a tornado could have wiped away
my entire town
That an 18 wheeler could have crashed
into my living room

And I then realized
That if I listen to the news
when I'm down
it'll cheer me up
And if I listen to the news
when I'm up
it'll bring me down.

Copyright 2001 by Sandra Moatz