My name is Julie Miller, I am 13 and live in Philadelphia, PA. I am a young teen, of 13 and I haven't done much living, and somedays it seems as if I don't have much more living to do. I have been through a lot lately with the loss of a grandparent I barely knew and the placing of my grandmother whom I was very close to into a nursing home. These poems reflect how I feel and felt at different times.

Grandma? Hello...

It takes hours to see her,
It takes hours to get there,
I went to her house but she was not there,
the news pierced my heart the day that I read,
she was no longer with us, my grandmother was dead.
Try as I may, try as I might,
I won't see her again until the end of this life.
I take one step closer,
to the cliff of despair,
take three steps, turn and run,
launch myself into the air,
I drift quickly down,
into the water below,
the end of this life,
"Grandma? Hello...."

Copyright 2000 by Julie Miller