My name is Linda McColm. I have written many poems in my 38 years, but this one seemed to gently touch the nerve of the 90's with so many relationships falling apart leaving behind a rugged path of despair and loneliness!


Another day is dying, the night grows ever colder. I feel your hands gently caressing my body, your warm breath stroking my face.
I gasp for air and endeavor to hold back my tears whilst I catch one last glimpse of the one I love fading from my life.
As the morning sun steels the darkness the fragrance of your presence that once encompassed me, slowly unravels slipping gracefully into my past.
What have I done? my downcast soul pleads forgiveness.
Have I fallen from grace? Oh God, author of my life, will my heart endure?
I dreamed that life would be so much more than this hell I'm living.
Free me from this despair and loose me from these chains that bind me.
How long will I reside in this lonely state of moiety? Am I sleeping?
My body grows weary, my head replete, oh Lord let me awake from my slumber complete!

Copyright 1999 by Linda McColm

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