My name's Christie McClure, I was born on 1/8/84, I'm a hardcore Christian, and i love to write stuff.

I love when people remember my name. I love remembering people i have loved
and lost. I love drawing pictures on the side of the tub in shaving
creme(nessa) I love to sing in the shower. I love to sing onstage. I love to
sing for God. I love to sing. I love to know what people are thinking, even
if it doesn't have anything to do with me. I love not having cramps(anna) i
love good hairdays(anna) I love slow dancing in pretty dresses with nice
dates. I love the feeling i get slow dancing in pretty dresses with nice
dates. I love that Jesus died for me. I love my friends. I love crying with
my friends. I love being held by someone i love, especially when that someone
is a boy. I love reading. I love
acting. I love the sound of the applause, and the high it gives you, and the
low you get on closing night, knowing you'll not be seeing these people in
the same way ever again. I love shoes, and sugar, and Shania Twaine. I love
to hug people. I love to be hugged. I love backrubs. I love to watch old TV
shows, even if i'm supposed to be doing my homework. I love not having
homework. I love getting backrubs, b/c it doesn't happen very often. I love
it when my dad isn't yelling. I love it when I don't have to go to
funerals. I love when people listen to me. I love the smell of fall and
spring. I love the beach, and Mountain Dew at the same time. I love
boyfriends. I love rushing around in the morning cuz i know Jerry's gonna be
in my driveway in 5 minutes. I love not having to walk to school. I love
saying "it's you're car, Bill, you're right". I love not being able to spell
every word right. I love thinking. I love to cook. I love my Grandmas. I love
getting on-line and seeing that all my favorite people are there. I love to
carve pumpkins. I love calling people pet names like sugar, pumpkin, darlin,
and sweetie. I love organizing things. I love when people look up to me. I
love being someone worth looking up to. I love that car commercial when every
thing is moving to the beat of the song playing in the car. I love my
breasts. I love driving with all the windows down. I love making plans for a
future that i am now confident i will have. I love to do things for others. I
love making people read long e-mails. I love tea. I love the comics in the
newspaper. I love telling people they're beautiful out of the blue, because
God knows sometimes they need it. I love it when people tell me I'm pretty
out of the blue, because God knows i need it sometimes. I love eating
hamburgers, and fries, and milkshakes, even though i get weird looks from the
skinny girls with their salads. But most of all, I love you

Copyright 1999 by Christie McClure

Editor's note to the reader:

My note to Christie, just to let our readers know why I selected this piece.

-Spondee Publisher

Dear Christie

Your writing is so interesting that I want to publish it. Some of our readers will criticize this piece as "not poetry" in the usual sense of the word, because it lacks what most people consider an essential: a meter or rhythm. They may be correct, but I also love writers who bend the rules; the sweet lyrical flow of this writing justifies that other folks should see it. You are on the threshhold of a dynamic life. Your writing made me love you and that is why I need to publish it.

Write again if you want to, but keep on loving.

Note to Christie:
Please contact this website editor. We would like an up to date email address. Thanks so much!
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