I am Gerard Mason and I am 19 years of age. I hail from Roscrea a small rural town in the midlands of Ireland. Poetry has always held a special place in my heart, from an early love of the "War Poets" and fascination with the work of Percy Bysshe Shelly and Edgar Allen Poe to my attempts to create something wonderful and beautiful myself (the quest still continues). Poetry has such an ability to move a reader with music, beauty, fantasy and reality. It truly is awe inspiring and wonderful.

To All Those Lost to Memory, to Reminisce

To all those lost to memory, to reminisce,
I see the seed of darkness pulse,
Within the sky lit blue and rays of gold,
Harmonised humanity thrives and we,
The ones with slivered hearts
And black tinged souls of silver,
Fall beneath the waves of steaming froth;
The ones that deep blue-green forgot.

Yet in the pink-purple of the looming twilight,
Caught between the half-light and velvet dark,
Caught within the sweet blissful clarion lark,
Calling to and from the barrows white,
We find those slivered and dark:
And we delight......
Far from the world that once forgot,
The cold sun burns and rots.

Copyright 2000 by Gerard Mason