Esha Maree: I am 13 years old and love life. I live with my Mom on a ranch on top of a mountain in Oklahoma. I am in the seventh grade this coming year. I work very hard to make good grades. I like school. I also like helping people, they are all my brothers and sisters. We are all Gods family you know. I hope that my poems will make you smile.

A Day At School

Flashes of color
sounds of voices and laughter
filling the halls as we rush from class to class.
Wanting to play or be at home
we are stuck in this place.
Follow the rules
do not misbehave.
Calling my Mom another day.
Tortuous hours of learning and listening
my tummy is growling
How can I be hungry?
I can go for hours at home.
Rush and push we stand for our food
smelling the mixtures makes me want more.
Cold milk filling my tummy
as the food is pushed down in a rush.
Hurry to class
as the afternoon takes hold
just as I am getting tired
it is time to go home.

Copyright 2003 by Esha Maree

So Happy

Sitting by the cool clear stream
watching as the baby minnows
dart back and forth.
A noise alerts me
I look to see a fawn
looking back at me.
So gentle and delicate her legs
a little wobbly.
Tender is the thought
that reaches inside of me.
So graceful
she bounces to her mother
as they watch me.
Birds are singing with joy today
as they hurry to build their nests
and feed the family.
In the distance the sounds of everyday life
escape in the babble of the brook.
The soft mounds of moss are so lush.
Why would anyone want to live
any other place on earth?
Lying back to glance at the clouds
I see a huge one that looks like a clown.
Another looks as if it were painted there.
The breeze touches me as it wanders here.
God must have made this special place for me.
It gives me joy and hope for another day like this one.

Copyright 2001 by Esha Maree

O Mother

Life pulses through her
covered with fertile beauty.
Complexity as deep as the sea
infinite as sand washing back to shore.
Wisdom like the breeze
that touches her...
Never failing
trudges onward.
Mans creations reign
drying life's eternal waters.
As her strength wanes
She watches as her children destroy her
from the outside in.
She is dying...listen ...
Oh God ...
have mercy on Mother Earth...

Copyright 2001 by Esha Maree

Ohh Wee The Ocean

Mmm the warm tickling water rushes over my toes
as I sink them in the sand.
The sound of the sea seems to be calling me today.
Come, it says as I walk into the deep.
Swimming with the dolphins
then down to the bottom with the crabs.
I wish I could swim all over the ocean
from land to land.
Seeing and being with the life
that fills the water
that covers our world.
If I could swim
as a mermaid
oh how much fun that would be.
With long flowing hair
to cover the top of me.
Lady Fate could be another name for the ocean
for she captures some who dare to look her in the eye...
Oh to be here is so wonderful
as I watch my Mom smiling at me.
Why cannot life be like this for all
not just me.
Some of the children at my school
are so sad and do not know the joy I do.
I wish they could
perhaps I could share mine with them.
Right now I am going to go swimming
then I will think about this again.

Copyright 2002 by Esha Maree


Snow softly falling
on my window.
As I turn to look out in the night.
Watching for Santa
flying through the sky.
With my blankets snug around me,
into sleep I drift away.

I smile as I slowly go to
dreamland each night.
I hope Santa finds my letter
I wrote to him.

It starts just as always
with the toys seen on TV,
A new watch for my father
and a winter coat for old Mrs. Mc Bee.
With a few simple wishes
for the rest of the world too.
I wish for a new Daddy for Mindy too.
Hers hits her a lot
this makes me sad.
I hope dear Santa
if you could help
the neighbors down the hill.
If they had a job I know they would have
some food, and clothes, and heat.

I saw on the news that a tornado hit Alabama
peoples houses are gone .
Please bring them a home
so they can be a happy family again.
Santa I know you get really hungry
but could we give some food
to the ones who have none.
I will pack some from the pantry
for you to give them.
My Mom will not mind.

I wish I could help you
this year please take the sack of toys by the tree.
I really do not need any this year.
Please give them to children who do not have anything.
I would give you Molly bear
but I just cannot.
She is dear to my heart.

Santa I remember you are supposed to be
Could your magic bring to everyone
goodwill and peace on earth?

I love you Santa,
Esha Maree

Copyright 2000 by Esha Maree

I Am

I am just a little girl.
Someday I will be an adult.
Inside I feel like one.
This small body is just a disguise.
I know about honesty and love.
How do I make it grow
to a grown up...
Someday I will be in love with a boy
but now they are gross.
I hope I can be a great grown up
but if not I will the best I can be.
I hope I can do all the right things
but if not I will try again.

Copyright 2000 by Esha Maree

Happy Birthday Mom

Fuzzy around the edges
I turn to see the curtain
blowing in the cool morning air.
As I look at the light
beginning to come through the window.
Oh my - it is my Mom's birthday today.
I will make her coffee
and wake her with a kiss.
I love my Mom
she is my best friend.
I wish I had lots of money
so I could buy her anything she wanted.
When I ask her what she wants she says
I have you - that all I need.
Someday when I am grown
I will spoil her as she spoils me.
Why do adults say spoil?
I am not rotten
needing to be thrown away.
I wish I could give her all the things
she needs today.
But for now
I will give her my love.
Happy Birthday, Mom
I love you.

Copyright 2002 by Esha Maree