Short Bio:
Name: Roy Mackay
Born: 25.4.1938
Place: Pietermaritzburg.Natal. SOUTH AFRICA.
RESIDENCE: 9 Mulberry road.
Employed: Aberdare Power Pietermaritzburg Natal .
am into jazz, poetry, world religions,beliefs and philosophy
Have a personal compilation: "Drops of Blood."

Subject: The Schoolgirl a poem

Hair cut close,
Greasy straight,
She walked a metre high:
Her strong short legs
And shoeless feet
Shortening her further.

Level shoulders
Pushed out against the sun,
The world - all obstacles;
A stern round face -
Pulsing with vaseline
And determination.

A jersey with a hole,
A brave brown girl,
A proud young chest -
Going to school !

Would she remember
The tight,burnt tarmac,
The blistered toes,
And orange peels curling
Like hearts fried by fate ?

Which school ?I wondered
As I drove by:
"What future ?" yelled life !
As Aids in hob-nailed boots,
Cripple the streets -
Tearing walled concrete
Off chisseled souls
Leaving granite chips
That cry.........

The hole in her jersey widened,
Engulfing her feet,
And merged with a sickening suck
Into the many other vacuums -


Copyright 2000 by Roy Mackay