Brandon Mac: I am 16 and live in Lancaster California. I attend QHHS for my 11th grade year. Poetry is something that comes to me when I sit alone on the rough or hill with only the wind for company.

No Apparent Reason

Laying in wait for something unknown.
People ask but all heard is drone.
Love and suicide run through the head
waiting to live and thinking dead.
Questions are asked with no answer.
Whilst logic and fear run the world
which no one can encounter.

The world of mystery the world of hate.
The world where no one does anything but wait.
In this world nothing is seen
all is lost as if in dream.
And so it continues to an extent
where all has come and all has went
until the point where nothing ever may pass.
Where you are no more and all is last.

In this place everything feels content
for it has no questions
no beginnings no ends
and nothing minds can comprehend
all can be created, imagined or pretend.
But to reach it your mind must bend
to reach the place where preponderant thought is penned.

Copyright 2000 by Brandon Mac