I am using the pen name Lyn Nerray, and I am 11 years old. I have been writing poetry for about 2 years and I hope to be a writer or a cellist in the future. I enjoy playing the cello, running, composing, playing computer games and writing. I come from Malaysia.

Before I go

Before I go
I would like to ask
Would you remember me?
Or would you not?
For you have asked me this
And I have always wondered.

Before I go
I would like to see
The world a hundred times over
The world I will be leaving
The world I want to remember
The memories so special to me.

Before I go
Give me a hug
Smile for me
Take my hand
And look at me
And say these words:

"Before you go
I want you to know
That I will remember you
And we will be friends
Forever and ever, so
Will you remember me too?"

And before I go
I will be happy
I will remember
And be remembered
So before I go
I'll miss you already.

Copyright 2000 by Lyn Nerray