K.L. Lowe: My interest in poetry developed because of a high school advanced English assignment. We were to write a poem about anything that interested us. I wrote mine on the innocence of high school life, although I knew little about it then, and our town's football tradition. It was a success and to my surprise, and everyone else's, I won the poetry contest at our school. Even though that was many years ago I am still writing poetry. I write when the mood hits me. I received a B.S. in Agriculture from The University of Tennessee and am currently employed as an Agriculture teacher in Jackson, TN.


Down it came
From far above
White and fluffy
As from a dove
Landing and glistening
Upon the ground
It touches down
Without a sound
Into a mass
Of friends it blends
And never shall
be seen again...
And never shall
be seen again.

Copyright 12/25/89 by K.L. Lowe