Chris Lovejoy: I would like to go under the pen name of Killkrates. The bio I would like is as follows: a dark and enigmatic sort of fellow, keeps to himself and writes his thoughts down. Intensely loyal but yet explosively pent up. Thank you.

My Horrors 2001

The cold winters morning
We sit huddled in our trench.
Bodies lay scattered
From the battle last night.
The fear is overwhelming
I saw the flashes
From their guns
But I saw no person.
They were too far away
But then they started
Hitting us.
No, Joe you can't die.
Die all you Die!
The mud it is just
Coming in
All we do to stop it
Does not work
We have not eaten
Anything but radishes all week.
The sarge tells us
We have to take this valley
Or we may lose the war.
I am scared I have never seen
The enemy before.
They have always been distant people
They own most of France
We are told to take
France we must take this valley.
They may Chemical Weapons
But we don't know for sure.
It's two days until Christmas.
I wish I could see Cindy again.
No, she was in France when it was taken.
Marcus was to stay with her
But he was separated
From her at the Concentration Camps.
Ma, Pa, I hope I don't die.
I'm scared ma truly scared
No one is around
We fight night and day.

You sleep when you dare.
Sully was to come out
To this Unit.
He's dead
I'm sorry ma,
But he died before
He made it to the Trenches
We tried to protect them
But there was a sniper.
No one knows we were related.
I'm going to send his body home.
I'll be back ma,
I got to do picket duty.
I love you.

Copyright 2000 by Chris Lovejoy