Michael Levy was born 1945 in Manchester, England. He grew up in a poor neighborhood in the inner city called Hightown. Although the area was in decline Michael was always on a high in his town. Nobody told him he was poor so he was never aware of his poverty. He always was laughing and joking. He left school at sixteen with no qualifications and did not stay long at any one job. When he was nineteen, married and a child on the way, he started his own business with sixty dollars worth of stock. He sold cloth remnants on street markets. It was here Michael started to learn the philosophy of life.

Every day was a joy. Michael has always known there is not enough days in anyone's life to think otherwise. By the time he was twenty-eight, he had built a substantial wholesale textile business. He also went into commercial property and dealt in commodity and stock markets. He remarried in 1982, and has lived in Florida since 1992.

From his earliest recollection, he always knew there was a force inside him that could not fail, despite all the people around telling him, "How stupid he was" and "he will never amount to much with such a carefree attitude." The more negative forces that were put his way the more joyful the experience became.

Nothing was ever that important and if things didn't work out well, there were always another day. There were very few days when he could not see the positive side to life. When he came to live in Florida, he had time to reflect on what took him to this point. Michael has now become an International Guru. A Prophet of Joy and we all can Profit from JOY.

Michael Levy now lives in Fort Lauderdale is the Author of Three books: What is the Point, Minds of Blue Souls of Gold, and the new Enjoy Yourself, It's Later Than You Think.

A Souls Musical Bliss

Voyages of mystical musicians, rhyming reasons to discover,
explorers of beauty and always a lover,
for all of life's mysteries are blowing on the breeze,
spirit sets our compass, we choose the degrees.

The moments are dear, precious and few,
serenades of life, make our wishes come true,
conducted by love from horizons of blue,
beyond our reaches orchestrations of tenderness renew.

Harmonic drifts on vapors of melodic charm,
soothing strings harps pluck celestial calm,
romantic blossoms bud, notes new born,
visions of grandeur roll the drummers storm.

Melody of paradise surround our golden bowl,
compositions of joy ring out from beau bells toll,
musical bliss, dancing flashes flame from the soul,
minstrels of nature, in Gods peaceful park, beating hearts stroll

Copyright October 1999 by Michael Levy

Time To Surrender

I have no need of contest, nor did I ever,
for if I win, what do I win, what will I better,
think well of your endeavor my fine fettered friend,
long hard journey awaits, one who's judgments contemplate at end.

How do we compare with sky, sea or air,
what differs the red, the black, the fair,
noble may be the stride, peacocks of pride,
what use when in deep dungeons our soul does hide.

Time carves each face in pain or grace,
Oh! Life of many wastes, you left many sweet and bitter taste,
lessons by the heart, too many battles fought,
as no matter lasts, it matters naught, for we fade to our last resort.

Slip quietly away my dear, hold no fear,
angels gather round, farewell life's career,
homeward celestial dove, dimensions of unconditioned love,
joyest wisps God my defender, we pass over our soul to heavenly surrender.

Copyright October 1999 by Michael Levy

A Time Of Change

The wind blows the autumn leaves,
bronze, orange, crisps of crinkle,
broken twigs and empty dust mingle,
returning their foil into the soil.

Sun shines down on a frosty morn,
a glistening haze in the early dawn,
no more buds waiting to display,
the smell of a seasons decay.

Majestic trees laid quite bare,
branches stripped naked, no leaves to wear,
the foxes nestling in their lair,
all covered by mother natures care.

All the beauty we thought was sound,
lies in dust upon the ground,
all human remains turns to ashes,
vaporized in spectacular lightening flashes.

Ah! The memories of warm summer days,
we took for granted, no time to look and gaze,
the circle of life, birth and death by season,
everything is in the flow, everything has a reason.

Copyright 1999 by Michael Levy

The Man From Nowhere

The mask slips as the doors close,
time to undertake an invisible Pose
a man from nowhere, who nobody knows,
obscure and aloof from society's shows.

The nameless one, no symbol or label,
all the cards laid bare on the banquet table,
blowing in the wind that once rocked his cradle,
a prince among men now only a fable.

A statue standing in the town square,
people come to gaze and stare,
they look for a second but really don't care,
about the lonely figure of the man from nowhere.

An icon to the world now fertile as the land,
quietly drifts through time a solitary grain of sand,
echo wisps of voice, eerie ghostly command,
the man from nowhere no longer in demand.

Copyright January 2000 by Michael Levy

Travel To Infinite Places

Music drifts through a thousand minds,
through doors, windows, walls,
Serenades sail tranquil waters,
ebb in one ear, flow out the next ,
ever onward into infinity

Lovers touch, sending electric messages beyond space and time,

turquoise crystal thoughts blow freely,
across oceans, mountains, plains.
visions of extreme delights,
fly faster than light,
beaming sensitivity beyond the eye.

Taste buds explode into magical dimensions.

perfumed orchid neurons bring forth aroma's magical sensation,
aware joy of life enmeshes the wise one's Globe,
Travel along with thought to infinite places.

Copyright February 2000 by Michael Levy

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