My name is Chris Laundra I am a 45 year man, married with 2 kids (boy 19 girl 15). I was born in Detroit, grew up in Muskegon MI (factory town), went to college at Eastern Michigan University. My wife and I moved to Montana in 1980 then on to Denver in 82, as a family we moved to Greenville SC in 1995. I wrote a little bit in college and for a couples after, life got in the way and I didn't write anything until the Spring of 99. I write when I can now and do the open mike thing a couple times a month. My poetry is basic and I would hope that it would touch people in a basic way, to promote thought and memory.


Her lips touched the thin rim of the glass
fine wine pours across her tongue
with eyes closed, tastes of berry
vanilla and oak coat her mouth.

Slowly her eyes open, soft, warm
a silky smile crosses slender lips
an amber flash of light
reflects from an intriguing eye.

Her eyes slowly close
Her tender hand lightly brushes
my fingers and palm.

She is my glass of wine
her aroma is understated yet lush
her complex flavors coat my soul
I am drunk in love.

Copyright 2000 by Chris Laundra