Jan Lattimer is Mid-Central Regional Vice-President of WFOP. She is a 28 years old married housewife. She has been writing poetry for fourteen years, and has had 99 poems accepted for publication by various magazines and publishers. Mrs. Lattimer won First Place in Poetry Unlimited's Skyline Anthology-Contest.

Freedom's Symphony

If we could just live together
      and sing in harmony
We could all enjoy the music
    of freedom's symphony

If marching bands of every race
    could join in the parade
Then the world would stop and listen
      to hear our serenade

Only when we can stand proudly
          as one in unity,
Can we find the inner meaning
        of truth and liberty.

Copyright Jan Lattimer

The House of Poetry

  I search the landscape of my mind
          for the best locations
Reflections and dreams are the bricks
        that lay the foundation

  with wood cut from trees of wisdom
    and lumber wrought of memories
    I construct the walls of insight
    with nails of trust and honesty

      This is the house of poetry
        in which my heart resides
with words and rhyme, I create doors
            inviting you inside.

Copyright Jan Lattimer


Sunlight on dusty mirrors cast,
    like rainbows in the haze;
    Kaleidoscopic reflections
      of long for-gotten days

Musty trunks filled with history,
        pieces of ancient lore;
Yellowed newspapers, old letters,
      and photographs galore

      Generations of souvenirs,
        remnants of yesterday;
Mementos of some special times
        lovingly packed away

We travel through a time machine,
      seeking the past once more;
  Amidst the cob-webbed memories
            beyond the attic door.

Copyright Jan Lattimer

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