Barbara Larsen, WFOP NE regional vice president, lives with her husband on a wooded bluff overlooking the waters of Green Bay in Door County, Wisconsin. She teaches a life history writing class at the Clearing-in-Winter and has published two chapbooks, Beach Road Year and Pine Ridge 1937. Other poems have appeared in Mag Mag, Fox Fire and several regional publications.

3:00 A.M. At the Grand Terminus Hotel

From our 5th floor room
I look with Edward Hopper eye
upon the brick street below
where only the young are easy
in the darkness.
Distance and angle
heighten each small scene
played upon its stage:
young woman in white clicks across
then exits; a solitary figure
waits under the lamppost, watches.
In the center, a young couple kiss and part.
They do not know I enter their private worlds.
In my high perch I am owl or night hawk;
I feel the power of the hunter.

appeared in Rag Mag, Vol. 10, 1992; copyright © 1992

Sunset From the Deck

Quietly, steadily,
sun drops into the bay


Is that what dying is?
One tiny moment you are
the next, you arenít?
Slipping into... what?

I guess dying wonít be so bad
if thatís way it is,
one gentle plop...then
the afterglow
with colors spreading
across the sky.

Such a gentle death.
It makes good practice
each time we watch.

from Beach Road, copyright © 1989

Vivaldi On a Starry Night

Finishing in the kitchen,
I delight in music
coming from the other room.
Violin, cello, sopranos, piano-
the Gloria in rehearsal.
Then I remember.
The mail is in its box.

Outside the woods
stretches up to touch
a crescent moon rising
in the eastern sky.
Two brilliant stars ride outpost.
The sharp clean air
quite takes my breath away
as I walk the country road
singing Laudamus Te at top voice.
Dark spirits of the day dissolve.
Light-hearted I walk back.

Positive, life-affirming Vivaldi
Could you have dreamed that
three centuries later
you would fill a womanís heart with joy
on such a crisp and wintry night as this?

from Beach Road Year, copyright © 1989

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