Jackie Langetieg, Madison, edits a newsletter for the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services in the Department of Health and Family Services and is a past Board of Directors' president and treasurer of The Writers' Place. In 1991, she received the Joyce W. Webb Memorial Award for poetry from the Madison Area Writers' Association. Her poems have been appeared in Midland Review, Word of Mouth, Straight from the Heart, The Writers' Place 1994 Anthology, and several WFOP Calendars. Next to watching her cat relax, she enjoys looking for poetry, art and photography on the Internet.


Inside the red leather memory book

is a creased gray and white picture

the little girl stares fiercely up at me

her blond hair spikes from a dark barrett, a shadow

shows below one eye

she tries to hide a broken bottle from the camera

I know the tire store in the background

is made of green tin

has sooty flat windows

that break from a baseball

that magic jewels are made

from thick pieces of broken glass

shards of alley bottles--beer, coke, orange crush

and that sometimes she was lucky enough

to bleed on the clear pieces

that turned to rubies in the sun

Midland Review, Published May 1993, University of Oklahoma
Copyright 1993 by Jackie Langetieg

In the Party Room at the Nursing Home

Grandmother sits quietly

a bird at the edge of a round stone bath--

a little frayed, eyes bright with 102 years

of living, but she doesn't know my name

shows no recognition when I lean

down and kiss her feathery cheek

She looks up instead

a chick waiting to see what her parents have brought today

I give her a sweet kalach, filled with the summer

tartness of raspberries

She pops it in her mouth, eyes darting

from my face to my fingers looking for more

then licks her lips and sucks her tongue

smiling around the little black seeds

Her eyes grow dreamy--she rocks a little

I think she remembers raspberries

perhaps walking the woods with a boy

picking hot red morsels, juice dripping

down their chins, air sweet with bees

and purple daisies. I see all her years

come together in the moment of remembering--

savoring the taste of raspberries

Looking Out the Window 1994 Anthology, The Writers' Place
Copyright 1994 by Jackie Langetieg

Jason at 23

He hums along

days and nights

      passing him by

a car on a cross country trip

all the windows


Word of Mouth, Published May 1993, Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Copyright 1993 by Jackie Langetieg

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