Livia Lakomy. Hello, my name is Livia. I live in Brazil and I'm 15 years old. I apologize beforehand for the mistakes ( English is my second language). Other than that I can only say I wanted to be a writer ever since I can remember, but I'm too shy to take any initiative in publishing something. I hope you'll enjoy this poem.

I see paintings,
I see dreams for sale
in small corner shops.
I feel lonely, I feel normal,
I feel like just one more.
And when night comes,
and takes away our fears,
it will be another less to disappear.
We're just another face, another stranger, another voice.
We have no dreams , we have no chances, we have no choice.
And when all light is gone,
and we can't see our faces,
it will be a day less,
of pain, of not living, of rest.
And when on mornings I go for another walk,
no eyes will look for me on the empty streets,
no one will talk.
I'm no one and I've been so lonely for the past few years.
I'm dying and no one will share their tears.
Copyright 2001 by Livia Lakomy