Roland Kusian: I am from Germany. I am 17 years old. I always liked it to write poems. Most of them were in German. But in the last time I often try to explain my feelings in the English language. So I want to present one of my first poems I wrote.

Roland says about "Abschied" that he wrote it "when a real good friend of mine died by a car accident. Her name is Nicole. I want to dedicate it to her."

Publisher's Note: I am presenting Roland here because I believe the effort to write a poem in a second language deserves attention. I am also intrigued by the word choices made by my friends who speak English well, but as a second language. Roland's poem is instructive. I am also hoping that poetry in a language other than English is welcome to our readers.


My love

I would like to say you,
how much I love you.
You captured me,
yes, that's the truth.
Words can't express
what I feel for you.
I think, you don't believe me,
but I really would die for you.
It seems to me,
that someone warns me.
because your love
couldn't be endless to me.
it is jealousy which will kill me
always when you're aren't
in the near to me.
I can't do anything against it,
I wish I could do.
Suddenly it's happen
because I am scared of losing you.

Copyright © 2000 by Roland Kusian


Ich gehe in den kalten Tagen durch die Welt.
Der Winter ist eisig, und Schnee fällt.
Ich versuch, es zu vergessen,
doch es fällt mir nicht leicht.

Wo wir gingen, blühte das Laub.
Dabei hab ich Dir in die Augen geschaut.
Sie waren so schön und doch so erhaben,
Ich weiß nicht, wann der Morgen kam.

Du warst meine Sehnsucht, wegen der ich so leide,
Du warst die Hoffnung, die ich so vermisse,
Du warst die Wärme und meinem kalten Herz,
Du warst der Trost bei meinem Schmerz.

Dich zu vergessen fällt mir sehr schwer.
Denn Du bist eine, die mag ich zu sehr,
Du warst mein Leben, doch es ist zerstört,
Mein Leben trägt Trauer, Du hast zu mir gehört.

Du warst die Sonne im Regen für mich,
Doch ohne Dich leben, das kann ich nicht!

Copyright © 2000 by Roland Kusian