Spencer Knierim. Age: 29. Writing since puberty, Fortune 500 employed yet pinning all aspiration on prose. Too young to appreciate in too long too old to remember. "My Heart Belongs to You" is "To my mother and an unanticipated email on a warm Arizona evening"


Eternal night be damned.
Waves of able bodies spent,
littering the field of battle.
Prayers hover like smoke.
Faces contort in primeval masks.
Fear in battle with reason.
Good men die as ordered,
all mothers' sons in another life.
Sun in the east ventures a guarded glance
Allowing few allusions of this night's work.

Copyright 2000 by Spencer Knierim

My Heart Belongs to You

My heart is a warm place
with a memory that beats strong.
From you whom gave me life
your memory will live long.

In the faces of my children
and in the lives that they create.
Your subtle strength and way
will permeate.

Such a love did you show
for a group such as us.
It was all I held onto
in the times I was lost.

Though distant at times
Defiant, selfish and oft times rude.
All the time I was loved and I knew
Always, my heart belongs to you.

Copyright 2000 by Spencer Knierim