Patricia M. Klempa: I'm happily married and mother of two teen-agers, and live in New Jersey. I enjoy writing, and have had poems published in anthologies,and on-line, and I am a member of PPS (Pathetic Poets Society). I am currently in the process of publishing my own book of poems.

My dad

As a little girl
very thin, almost frail,
I would gaze out on the ocean
with my shovel and pail.
I would watch in delight
the waves in and out.
AND... I would wonder
Who sees them at night?

Was it God alone.
or a lonely man?
Was it the couple walking
on the beach, holding hands?

The waves touch gently
then ebbing away..
As the night does too
bringing on day.
And the eyes of this child
are once more kissed.
By the oceans spendor
for a love that is missed.

The magic, the mystery
the aura of the sea...
is my daddy's love.
God gave back to me.
I treasure my memories,
I love what I had.
My ocean, my youth...
Memories of my dad.

Copyright 2000 by Patricia M. Klempa

Be A Kid

Cotton capers
candied flavors
childhood dreams
come alive.
zesty creations
of worm sandwiches
and mud filled pies.

Torn jeans
scoring teams
patches, a fashion
to the knees
skipping ropes
telling jokes
climbing to
houses built in trees.

Fun filled days
they go by fast
the hopes and dreams
do too.
The trick, it seems,
to keep alive those dreams,
is be a kid,
make it last,
as long as you do.

Copyright 2000 by Patricia M. Klempa

A Journey's Path

The road it was traveled
The traveler endured
The journey seemed endless
The path it allured

The traveler unsure
Of what lay ahead
"Which turns or detours
would be best?" he said

The choices were hard pressed
Decisions were made
lifes' journey's path
A virtual quest.

The traveler was steadfast
His journey survived
At the end of the road
His destiny

Copyright 2000 by Patricia M. Klempa