Seth Kaplan. I'm a Northern California sometime poet and community activist. I woke up this morning from a long, restless sleep and wrote this poem. It's good to feel alive again. Thank you so much for this site.

Making Love: A Revolutionary Act

O, let us make love
as the red rockets glare
and the bullies pose
and the people stare

Let us make sweaty love
as civil liberty
turns less civil
and lady liberty
drapes herself in duct tape

Let us make love
for the old angry men
who can't and must
resort to swordplay
of a different stroke

Let us make love rising
above our own fear and complacency
as a revolutionary act
of two people reclaiming
the creation of life

Let us be like animals in inhumane times
Let us embrace in the face of the arms race
Let us show cum passion
in a world begging for compassion

Some (such as I) might say this
is no time to get personal
about making love not war
But then, perhaps, it is
the most personal of statements
that will save us
from the mass insomnia
that settles upon us like death

Copyright 2003 by Seth Kaplan