I am Anneke Hofs, 19 year old girl and study in Holland at the University of Nijmegen, in The Netherlands. I have been writing poetry for a number of years now, and hope to keep writing. I have traveled and lived in different parts of the world, which has inspired me to write. Most of my poetry has been written in the past years when I lived in India. At the moment I am studying Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies, hoping to take me abroad again after I finish.

The Unicorn I

So, water poor
  drench soaked

The heaven is empty
  so voiceless I
    sing words for you

Uneven broken in too
  grandmother with no sons
    nor father

The world is so strange
  divine goddess
  lover of the truth
there is my unicorn
          my prince
on its back    all love for me

So water drenched me with its glory
the drips and splashes on my naked body
I feel loved
        enveloped by maternal presence
So true, so real, so there and here

Stars shine and fill me with love
fill me with heavens glory, make me one

      make me a unicorn

Copyright 2000 by Anneke Hofs