Allan R. Hall. I grew up in Maine but have lived these past 21 years in Oklahoma. Poetry has been a friend when no one else would. Feelings so deep and personal they can sometimes scare. My style is my style, right or wrong. I write mainly of love for truly, is there anything else?

Finding You

Quickly, quietly,
Softly moving
To willing desires,
Fighting desperately
To control our fires.

Fear filled walk
To unknown chasms,
Heart pounding,
Body trembling with
Uncontrolled spasms.

I have seen you,
Now to touch you,
Feel you,
As your body opens,
I take you.

Fantasies dreamt
Are now made real,
Endless passions
From deep within,
Given to your will.

Love brought forth,
Souls stripped bare,
Together we stand,
Gasping for air.

Surrounded with light,
We open ourselves
One to another,
With lust comes life.

Taking all,
Giving more,
Washed in truth
Upon Love's shore.

Copyright 2001 by Alan R. Hall